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2014 Creative Empowerment Arts Contest Winners

Samantha Uebel – Literary Arts A Poem - "Girl Without a Voice" (9th Grade - Babylon High School) $500.00 to set up and run a club/support/leadership group at school.  

Ben Rhee - Literary Arts - A Poem - "Just a Click Away" (10th Grade - Syosset High School) $500.00 to set up a club/ support/ leadership group at school  

Nailah Garard - Visual Arts - Portrait - "Trapped" (11th grade - Half Hollow Hills High School East) $1, 000.00 College Scholarship.  

Aly Brier - A Short Film - "A Helping Hand" (12th grade - The Wheatley School) 
$1, 000.00 College Scholarship.  

Julia Maher - Visual Arts - Portrait "Paranoia"/ "Slipping away from Sanity" (12th grade - Farmingdale High School) $1,000.00  
College Scholarship.  

Gigi Larios -Mendez - Visual Arts -      
 "Too Blind to See" (Roosevelt Senior High School Graduate/ SUNY Old Westbury Freshman) $1, 000.00 College Scholarship.  

​" My name is Gigi Larios - Mendez, I am 19 years old and a freshman at SUNY College at Old Westbury as an English Major. Though I am technically a freshman I am categorized as a sophomore due to being part of an early college program at my previous high school. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. My dream is to become a well-known author in the teen fiction genre, and I know I can get there but before I do, I plan on finding a job in publishing or becoming an editor."

The title of my art work is Too Blind To See and I created it by using permanent black and gray scale markers. The art work is of a girl looking at herself in a mirror. Her faceless reflection shows the negative and hurtful words she's been subjected to; although, the girl herself is covered in positive words that truly define who she is. The message I was hoping to convey was that one's true identity is not defined by how you may think others see you, but how one's true beauty and confidence should be influenced by none other than yourself. This message is for anyone who may believe that anyone else's interpretation of themselves is more important than their own.

Gigi Larios-Mendez
                Roosevelt Senior High School                   
$1, 000 College Scholarship Winner

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