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  ~ Jhalisa Bayer -Wyandanch Memorial  High School, Visual Arts Winner

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2016/17 Arts Contest will be announced on July 9, 2016
21st Century Creative Empowerment Arts Contest

~ Malaika Foster - Elmont Memorial High School, 10th Grade Winner (Poem)

Jhalisa Bayer - Wyandanch Memorial High School, 11th Grade – Visual Arts Winner: pen, broken mirror pieces, hot glue, acrylic 

Glorieanne Quiban - Farmingdale High School, 11th Grade - Visual Arts Runner Up: Digital Illustration

Dany Mazariegos - Wyandanch Memorial High School, 11th Grade -Visual Arts Runner Up: Drawing

Melchizedek Aarons - Wyandanch High School Graduate, 12th Grade Winner - Music: Jazz – Saxophone 

2014/15 Creative Empowerment Arts Contest Winners
 Jhalisa Bayer - Wyandanch Memorial High School

Title: Broken Self-esteem

Medium: pen, broken mirror pieces, hot glue, acrylic

Jhalisa Bayer - Wyandanch Memorial High School

Grade: 11th (2014/15 school year)

"Broken Self-esteem: Tired, of being criticized by society and compared to others. Wanting to look in the mirror and see myself and not just another twisted, stereotyped reflection created by society. Desiring to celebrate my strengths, positive personality and brilliant characteristics. I'm at a stand still struggling against the sound of harsh suggestions representing what society expects me to be. Although, I have eventually learned to tune them out I am still affected by lingering issues. My reflection will never be complete until I stop dwelling on my flaws and learn to accept myself for who I really am."