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  ~ Melchizedek Aarons - Wyandanch Memorial  High School Graduate 
(Lincoln University Freshman) Performing Arts Winner

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21st Century Creative Empowerment Arts Contest

Hi my name is Melchizedek Aarons. I am 18 years old. I graduated from Wyandanch High School, and Long Island High School for the Arts. I am a Jazz Musician, who plays the saxophone, piano, drums and guitar. I’m also a photographer and a videographer. I am a young man who has a unique mindset, which helps enable me to be hardworking, dedicated and focused.  

As a Jazz Musician, I have made many charitable contributions by playing for free, at benefits concerts in aid of sickle cell and multiple sclerosis. I have played at many community events and school engagements. Also I have played for multiple church banquets in aid of building fund. In addition to being a church musician I have also played for several years for an elderly choir. 

 I have made and sold lemonade in aid of Lung Cancer and the memory of my uncle Karl who died from this terrible disease. I am currently serving as an advocate for no texting while driving to help spread awareness about the effects of texting while driving.     I have made two very important videos that can be seen on Facebook and YouTube. These videos highlight just how dangerous texting can be while driving.  

Currently I am a freshman at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.   I play for the Lincoln University “Orange Crush” Roaring Lion Marching Band. My college days are exciting. Not only am I learning a lot of new things but I also get to travel to different states and experiencing life in different ways. I thank God for my faith and the leader it has developed in me and I thank him for the opportunity to be in college. 

~ Malaika Foster - Elmont Memorial High School, 10th Grade Winner (Poem)

Jhalisa Bayer - Wyandanch Memorial High School, 11th Grade – Visual Arts Winner: pen, broken mirror pieces, hot glue, acrylic 

Glorieanne Quiban - Farmingdale High School, 11th Grade - Visual Arts Runner Up: Digital Illustration

~ Dany Mazariegos - Wyandanch Memorial High School, 11th Grade -Visual Arts Runner Up: Drawing

Melchizedek Aarons - Wyandanch High School Graduate, 12th Grade Winner - Music: Jazz – Saxophone 

"The transition from home to college is not going to be easy. There is so much I will be exposed to and so much negative things I will be pressured into doing. Satan does not take a day off. He works from sunrise to sunset, every day of our lives he’s at work influencing, and leading one down the wrong path, corrupting, deceiving and destroying one’s mind but we must hold strong. When I go to college I will have to make wise decisions and be responsible for my actions. I will also have to be mindful that there are consequences for the wrong choices made.  When you leave to go to college your family and friends are so proud of you. Most times they  will send you off in a special way, with lots of love and support but they are looking and expecting to hear good news that your graduation day is fast approaching, so it’s important to remember and constantly tell one’s self that failure is not an option!

Fortunately for me I come from a strong spiritual foundation. So when those dim days approach.
I will make believe I am on my saxophone and hum to the song, “Jesus build a fence all around me every day, Lord I want you to protect me as I travel along the way, Lord I know you can, Lord I know you will. And when those dark days come I will pick up my saxophone and ring out my favorite song He’s Able, “God is able to do just what He says He would do. He’s going to fulfill every promise to you. Don’t give up on God because He won’t give up on you He’s able.”
 I am so thankful to God for my family who has instilled such strong morals and values in me. I am also thankful to God for my church family who has surrounded me with their prayers, blessings and love. I am thankful for my faith and the leader it has developed in me. I am extremely grateful for an opportunity to go to college. I know it won’t be easy but I strongly believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

Melchizedek Aarons - Music : Jazz - Saxophone

2014/15 Creative Empowerment Arts Contest  Winners
A recent scholarship presentation to Melchizedek Aarons, the 12th grade winner of the 2014/15 Arts Contest who is currently a freshman at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Pictured with Melchizedek from left to right are Wyandanch Memorial High School Principal, Paul Sibblies; his mother, Sandra Morris-Aarons; Superintendent, Dr. Mary Jones; Your Time Creative Empowerment Founder, Madona Cole-Lacy and Program Director, James Lacy.