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During these difficult economic times, when government funding for youth and family service programs is dwindling, it is important that concerned individuals and businesses provide the monies that will support the role that the arts play in helping youth succeed and in sustaining families. 

Austerity measures in many school districts throughout the Long Island area have resulted in art programs being cut from curriculums. Your support will enable Your Time For creative Empowerment, Inc. to offer art-related activities to youth in districts that have lost or are due to lose their art program. Your Time For Creative Empowerment will also offer programs and activities to youth whose after school enrichment programs have been cut.   

Partner with Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc. through your financial support of our programs geared towards helping youth and parents navigate the challenges and pitfalls of life in the 21st Century.

Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) New York State registered not-for-profit organization which was a natural progression for founder, Madona Cole-Lacy, who has for over 30 years combined her professional skills and experiential lessons learned as a New York City Public School teacher, artist and parent, to offer art-related social and cultural enrichment programs and community service activities throughout Long Island and beyond. Among the programs that our organization focuses on are: A Self-Empowering Workshop for College-Bound High School Students which addresses the social aspect of college life, Intergenerational  The "Get Set Mind Set", for 8th through 11th grade students, Young Artist entrepreneurship Program, Parenting Skills Program, Teen Talk Self-Esteem Booster Program, Christian Teen Challenge Program, Women’s Divorce Survival Support Group Program and Creative Empowerment Arts Contest.