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“This workshop has taught me a lot. The people here have shed light on things that I have never thought about before. I have never learned new things about being a woman, how to handle going in the right direction in life and making good decisions for myself. Thank you."       

-9th grade student-  

“I was inspired and touched by the passion the facilitators had for the students and their genuine interest in fully supporting them in making their dreams come true. What a blessing!" -9th grader’s parent- 

​“All students should be involved in a workshop like this. It was beautiful and educational-a wonderful experience for the kids”.  -Volunteer-

​"I enjoyed getting to know all of the staff - mothers, teachers, motivators and professionals. I enjoyed the stories, advice, directions and information given to my daughter as well as myself. This has opened her eyes to college. I am glad I came. This helps prepare for life. I would like to have a list of scholarships" -11th grader’s parent-

​“This program is a dynamic process to bring to life, issues that are crucial to the success of our young adults. I am honored to have been able to participate in this forum. Dr. Clarke's presentation was great and continues to bring the Arts and Medicine in an interesting fashion. 
I was personally blessed to be here today. ” -Resource Person-

​“Self-empowerment was a very important motivating workshop. I learned how to ‘love yourself and live your life’. I am grateful I was informed about this life changing meet today!    
I have learned from all the important people today. I am BLESSED. Thank you.”   -10th grade student-

“Madona Cole-Lacy, this was an interesting day-seeing all your hard work come to fruition and the fact that you are excited about it…Wonderful Empowerment, Be Encouraged!” -Volunteer-   

Sentiments from High School Contestants  

“Wow, Thank you so much for the scholarship, I really do appreciate it. You did an amazing job putting the event together, it was an incredible evening. You have really inspired me to keep my creative juices flowing by drawing, painting or anything I can do to express myself. I enjoyed talking to the other contestants and looking at the impressive artwork they did. Again, it was such an honor to be presented with an award. If you are having another event, I would love to be there. Please stay in touch.”  

“...As soon as I turn 18, I am going to look into volunteering at the Trevor Project headquarters to hopefully help make a positive impact on someone's life and be the helping hand that they might need. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  

Last Saturday morning at the Molloy College William J. Casey Center, Madona Cole-Lacy proved to all of us who were present, the importance of that old adage: “You just can’t sit around waiting for your ship to come in; some-times it is necessary to go out and meet it.”

Ms. Cole came to the realization that the only way our young people will experience a much needed pre-college workshop to help them bridge the transition from high school to college life, would be if parents and the general community designed and offered the workshop themselves.

-Charles Green, Ph.D.- Chairman: Department of Sociology, Hunter College, New York


There is no longer an instruction manual for college-bound students nor for anyone else in business or life, frankly, for being successful. So much depends on our emotional character and our ability to think creatively. That's why a program like this is so vital - it's practical, down to earth and gets students thinking. 

-Jeffery Levy- President at Janusian Insights, Inc. Co-Founder, the Center for Strategic Leadership at Dale Carnegie, Long Island.