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Arts Gallery

Samantha Uebel – Babylon High School

Literary Arts - A Poem - "Girl Without a Voice" (9th Grade winner)
$500.00 to set up and run a club/support/leadership group at school.  

Nailah Garard - Visual Arts - Portrait - "Trapped" (11th grade - Half Hollow Hills High School East) $1,000.00 College Scholarship.  

Aly Brier - A Short Film - "A Helping Hand" (12th grade - The Wheatley School) $1,000.00 College Scholarship.  

Julia Maher - Visual Arts - Portrait "Paranoia"/ "Slipping away from Sanity" (12th grade - Farmingdale High School) $1,000.00  
College Scholarship.  

Gigi Larios-Mendez - Visual Arts - "Too Blind to See" (Roosevelt Senior High School Graduate/ SUNY Old Westbury Freshman) $1,000.00 College Scholarship. 

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Emily Williams - Seaford High School
​20 Flight Rock

Tatiana Woellof - Centereach High School
You Are A Slave To Whatever Controls You

Kitty Zheng - Southold/ Jr/Sr High School 
​Growing New Layers

Madison Migliaccio - Farmingdale High School
Hate Sold By The Bottle

Radiyyah Hussein - Central 
Islip High School
​Freeing Peace

Veronica Lane - St. John The Baptist DHS
​Portray Yourself Wisely

Marie Saint-Cyr - Westbury High School Graduate 
​A Helping Hand

Malaika Foster - Elmont Memorial High School, 10th Grade Winner (Poem)

Jhalisa Bayer - Wyandanch Memorial High School, 11th Grade – Visual Arts Winner: pen, broken mirror pieces, hot glue, acrylic 

Glorieanne Quiban - Farmingdale High School, 11th Grade - Visual Arts Runner Up: Digital Illustration

Melchizedek Aarons - Wyandanch High School Graduate, 12th Grade Winner - Music: Jazz – Saxophone 

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​ Ashley Burbano - Farmingdale High School
Title: Silent Syrian Crisis: Painting 

Pierrelande Saint Cyr
School: Wyandanch Memorial High School
Title: I am who I am - Medium: Poem

Urooba Abid - Farmingdale High School  
Title: Slaves to the System:  Painting

Briana Gobourne  
Half Hollow Hills High School West
Title: Closer to My Dreams - Dance

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